Thursday, March 5, 2015

Passing On His Praise

READ Psalm 21-22

In Psalm 22 David is crying to God for help in the midst of trouble and danger. He is asking God to come to his aid and save him (19). Then he talks of what he will do when God does save him. He will praise the Lord and he will see the praise of God extend to many others.

He will praise God in the “midst of the congregation” of Israel (22-26). Then “all the families of the nations” shall praise him (27-29). And finally, in a much more intimate conversation, he will pass the praises of the Lord on to posterity, to the coming generation, to those yet unborn.

So here’s my question. Almost every person reading this email is a father or grandfather or an uncle (a few moms, grandmothers and aunts too). Are you talking about the Lord and praising the Lord to your posterity? Are you proclaiming his righteousness to them? Talk with your children, your grandchildren, your siblings offspring and their offspring. Spread the word in your own line of descent of the glorious grace and greatness of God.

Prayer: Father, you are worthy of our praise. You alone are the one who saves us and gives us aid. You alone are the one whose power is perfected in our weakness. Help us to have hearts of praise and tongues of praise and help us to pass that praise on to the ones who are coming after us.

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