Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Caution to the Women of My Church

From time to time I become aware of books that are becoming very popular or about to be released that will likely become popular among women. Some of these books I readily and heartily recommend like anything by Nancy Leigh Demoss or Elizabeth Elliott, , and many others.

But at other times there are books that are potentially dangerous for the subtle and not so subtle undermining of biblical truth found in them. One such book is   A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband "Master" (Thomas Nelson; October 30, 2012).

The best way to warn about this book is to let you read a review by Trillia Newbell:

Another book that I would caution about is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Again the best way to warn is to post a review by Tim Challies:

Finally, I heard not so long ago about a church women's book club reading 50 Shades of Gray together. To say that I was shocked is the understatement of the year. I first learned of this book (actually a series) when one of my daughters asked me if I had heard about it. Since I had not, I went online to find out. The first review I read was by a woman (not a Christian) who absolutely loved the book. From her positive review it became evident to me that the book is nothing less than pornography (in fact it's often advertised as "mommy porn"). How a church group could read this is simply beyond me.

Dear sisters, there are so many edifying and entertaining books out there that uphold God's Word. Please don't let yourself get sucked into those that aren't. 

And MEN, if you are reading, be godly husbands. Protect your wives by giving them godly counsel.