Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Long Journey to the Beginning

While listening to a download of a message by D.A. Carson I was struck by something that have never occurred to me before.

Apologetics for the existence of God is a worthy pursuit. I am thankful for those who are much more learned than I who can engage the great minds of skeptism and atheism in the continuing debate about the existence of God. From the marvels of space to the irreducible complexities of creation and from the amazing instrument we know as the eyeball to the perfect and precise distances between the inner workings of the atom, the arguments for the existence of God are irrefutable for the non-foolish mind (Psalm 19:1; 14:1).

But what do we have when the apologetics are successful? At the end of the debate, at the end of the arguments, at the end of the wrestling with the evidence, when the skeptic arrives at belief and confesses, "God exists," where have we come? We have come to the point where...the Bible...begins! "In the beginning God.

The existence of God is not the end of the journey. His existence is not the summit of the Everest, it is the base camp at the bottom of the hill that is the starting point. The Bible is the answer to the basic question, "God exists, now what?"

Interestingly, a part of the answer to that question, found in the Bible, is the explanation of why there are those who do not want to arrive at the beginning point.

God does exist! Now, discover all that means!