Friday, May 22, 2015

Mouth, Eyes, Feet & Hands for God

READ Proverbs 5-6

Solomon describes the kind of person that a Christian should not be in 6:12-14. Notice he calls him “a worthless person, a wicked man.” This is a person who has no desire to live in a godly righteous way that pleases the Lord. Everything about him causes trouble for others (14b). He uses his mouth (12), his eyes, feet and hands (13) to deceive.

But finally Solomon gets to the root of the problem: “with perverted heart devises evil” (14). There’s the issue. This person’s heart, his innermost being, is the source of his worthless wickedness. Jesus taught about that in the Sermon on the Mount.

But we are not that person because we have a new heart and our inner man is being renewed day by day (2 Cor 4:16). God is at work in us to give us the desire and ability to live a godly live that honors and pleases him (Phil 2:13). Christian, we can stop acting like that worthless man that we once were and we can put on the new man in Christ-likeness. Go make the gospel look good.

Prayer: Father, on this day help me to walk in integrity before you. Help me to be worthy not worthless. Help me to glorify you with my thoughts, words and actions. Help my mouth, eyes, feet and hands to declare your glory.

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