Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Don't let your wondering turn to wandering.

READ Job 1-2                      

Oh, how different Job was from so many of us today. One can hardly imagine the absolute horror of all the things that happened to him. Any one of them would have been a great tragedy, but piled up together they are almost beyond belief. Yet in the midst of all these calamities, Job did not lose his faith in God nor did he accuse God of any wrong.

As I said, how different that seems to be from so many today. When deep difficulties come upon many today the first thing they do is question, “Why would God do this to me, since I try to be a good person?” Or some, sadly, say something like this, “If that’s what God is going to let happen, then I don’t want anything to do with him.” I have know those folks and it breaks my heart when I hear them.

But Job, in all this, “did not sin or charge God with wrong” (1:22) nor did he “sing with his lips” (2:10). Job was willing to trust God and not to accuse him even when things did not go the way he wanted. That is great faith. I think it is normal for anyone to wonder why such bad things could happen. But we must be careful not to let our wondering turn into wandering away from God. Hold fast to God and who he is. He will be with you through life’s darkest times.

Prayer: Father, you are God, holy and perfect in every way. You are gracious and merciful and loving and steadfast to your people. Though you do not promise us that we will not experience pain and heartache, you do promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us. Help us to seek you above all else, even our own lives.

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