Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Model for QT's

READ Nehemiah 9-10

In these two chapters we have a long, national Quiet Time (or Time Alone With God or whatever you like to call your daily devotional time). I see here a wonderful model and outline for us as we spend time with the Lord on a regular basis. Notice: Word; confession; praise; petition; commitment.

1. They read from the Word of God. (9:3) Notice it was for “a quarter of the day.” We should hunger for God’s Word and not be content with small patches. It is good for us to bath ourselves in the Word of God daily.

2. They confessed their sin…again, for “a quarter of the day.” (9:3) This was no light confession. They had come before the Lord in deep humility (9:1) as we should also. The Word had brought conviction upon them of the depth of their sin and they confessed it to God.

3. They praised God (9:5b-31). The primary praise device they used was to recount all the marvelous ways that God had blessed them from creation to the present day. A recurring theme is the mercy of God which brought forgiveness and blessing over and over to his people.

4. They asked God for specific things (9:32-37). Only after the reading of the Word and the confession and the praise did they get to their petition. They asked God to remember the hardship of their present circumstances. They were slaves. But even in their slavery they saw the faithful hand of God because of their own sin (9:33).

5. They made a covenant (9:38-10:39). This was their commitment to God of how they would live in obedience to his Word. This is a wonderful example for us. After we have studied the Word, confessed our sin, praised and thanked God for his blessings and asked God to help us in our need — then we should determine in our hearts what we are going to do based on his Word (James 1:22).

A great national devotional that serves as a model for our private devotionals. Let’s do it.

Prayer: Father, your Word is so righteous and live-giving. Thank you that it convicts us of our sin and shows us your faithfulness. Help us to live according to what you teach us through your holy Word.

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