Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Surrendered to God's Sovereignty

READ Job 13-14

Job got it. Got what? He understood that God is sovereign. He is the only true God. He is absolutely, perfectly holy and righteous and sovereign over his creation. He alone is God. And whatever he does is good and perfect whether we understand it or not.

Job said, “Though he slay me, I will hope in him” (13:15). Job recognizes that God’s potential decision to kill him was perfectly within God’s prerogative as God, but even in that instance Job still would worship him. He would still find his hope in the only One who is hope for us. Whatever God’s perfect plan and purpose is, we must not sit in judgment on him and expect that he conform to our notion of what is right or good or just or fair. No, we must humbly submit our wills to his will and still find our hope in him.

I’ve heard people say, when discussing a particular point or notion of some doctrine with which they disagree, “Well, if that’s true, I couldn’t worship a God like that.” Can you see the sinful arrogance of that statement? We are created beings. We don’t get to sit in judgment on our Creator. We don’t get to decide what God has to be like and then check to see if he measures up to that standard. We must worship him as he has revealed himself to us.

Job never lost that understanding even in the midst of horrible life circumstances that none of us will ever come close to experiencing. But ours will be bad enough at times to tempt us to turn from our simple, child-like faith and trust and hope in God. Let Job be a model of how to handle adversity.

Prayer: Father, my difficulties are so small compared to Job. Yet, when I am in the middle of the pain, they seem almost unbearable at times. Help me, like Job, to still hope in you and, like Job, to still bring my hard questions to you, the only possible source of the right answers. Help me to surrender all myself and my life to you.

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