Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cross-bound to His Righteousness

READ Job 27-28

Job was a man of integrity and righteousness. God had commended him for these characteristics at the beginning of the book (2:3). He had steadfastly held on to them when almost everything in his life had been lost. Even his wife challenged him to abandon his integrity and curse God and die (2:9). But he would not. Now in the face of his three well-meaning but misguided friends, he still will not give in to their accusations and admit guilt when he knows there is none there. He holds fast to his integrity and righteousness (27:5-6).

Notice, how he continually phrases his argument. First, he knows that his own sin has not caused the calamity in his life. He is certain of that and steadfastly maintains it. How many of us, knowing our own hearts before God, would be able to do that today? Are we not less prone to integrity and righteousness than Job was? But therein lies the gospel. You and I are not dependent on our own righteousness. No, we are cross-bound to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. We should be able to hold fast to His righteousness and Job did to his own.

Secondly, he continually maintains that, though he may not understand it, God is the one who has allowed this to happen to him. He never loses his certainty of the sovereignty of God over all things. At times, he seems to be giving a defense of God to his friends. Imagine how strong in one’s spirit a man must be to hold so unwaveringly to who God is in all His majesty and grace. Wouldn’t you like to be that kind of man?

Prayer: Father, thank you that my salvation is not dependent on my righteousness for I, unlike Job, am far from a righteous man in and of myself. But I stand faultless before your throne dressed in the righteousness of Christ alone all because of His work for me at the cross. Glory to your name!

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