Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do You Hate ISIS?

READ Psalm 7-8

Do you hate ISIS? Is your mind filled with the desire that they will get what they deserve? What about those who are your adversaries, who do evil things against you? Do you desire to see them punished? Or is there in you a realization that there is another way out for them?

David spends the first few verses of Psalm 7 talking about his enemies/oppressors who are seeking to kill him. He does want their evil to come to an end (9) and understands that God is his ultimate protector (10) who does bring righteous judgment (11) and even causes the evil oppressors to be caught in their own traps (14-16) .

But then he mentions another way for “the evil of the wicked [to] come to an end.” There is the possibility of their repentance (12). These wicked ones could turn from their sin and turn to God and receive his forgiveness and cleansing. God is a God who forgives sinners, no matter how bad (see Paul, thief on the cross, John Newton and me).

Wouldn’t that be far better for ISIS and your personal enemies also? Not only would it be better for our enemies, it would be better for us if, in our own hearts, we desired their repentance more than we wanted to see them punished. But, you say, it’s so difficult to think that way. You’re right, but we have the mind of Christ and he will enable us to be that kind of person if we trust him (Philippians 4:13).

Prayer: Father, you tell me to love my enemies. Let’s just be honest. Lord, that’s so hard it is beyond my personal ability to do it. So please, Lord, give me the grace that I need to love those who hate me and hate you. Please help me to desire to see even the worst sinners repent and know your grace and love.

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