Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Cradle in the Shadow

The Cradle in the Shadow

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the stable
Not a creature was stirring so Mary was able
To quietly wonder with infinite joy
Just what was the meaning of her baby boy

She remembered the angel who had visited one day
With amazement she listened to the words he did say
With God you’ve found favor, a son you’ll conceive
By the Spirit of God this gift you’ll receive

She thought of the shepherds who had been there last night
How they talked of the angels and the glorious light
This baby’s a Savior, God’s Messiah’s been born
And He lays in the manger in the cold quiet morn

She looked then at Joseph as he slept in the hay
Such love and such courage He’d shone every day
She silently prayed and thanked God for this man
Who’d faithfully trusted in God’s heavenly plan

She noticed the star that appeared in the night
A magnificent star she’d not seen one so bright
It seemed to be shining straight down on this place
Where the baby was sleeping, it shone on His face

Yes, the day after Christmas and Mary lay there
Alone with her treasure, alone with her prayer
She pondered intently what all this could mean
This baby from heaven so tiny, serene

But there in the stable in the soft morning light
While Mary was thinking just out of her sight
On the wall of the stable, oh, what could it mean
The shadow of a cross could barely be seen

                                                                                      Christmas, 1993

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