Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gatekeepers & Parking Lot Hosts

READ 1 Chronicles 26-27

When I read 26:12 this morning I thought of Frank Miller. Notice the wording, “These divisions of the gatekeepers, corresponding to their chief men, had duties, just as their brothers did, ministering in the house of the Lord.” (emphasis mine) It seems that a distinction is being made of those who serve inside the house of the Lord and those who serve outside. That’s why I thought of Frank. You may or may not know that he is in charge of our Parking Lot needs on Sunday mornings and other special times. He sets out all the cones and signs and stands duty faithfully all the time.

The gatekeepers of Israel and Frank show us the importance of every helpful ministry that is done in the life of the church. There are no small jobs. One famous actress once said, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” That is most certainly true in the life of the church. The jobs that are the least noticed are still vital to the overall health and life of the church. We see this in Acts 6. I’m thinking waiting on tables for widows wasn’t the most exciting job in the world. But it required “being of good reputation and full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.” So one needs to be Spirit-filled to be a gatekeeper or parking lot attender? Absolutely. Only then can it be done to the glory of the Lord. Thanks, Frank, for your example to all of us.

Prayer: Father, once again I am thankful for Frank and for so many others in our church who serve in “unnoticed” places. Lord, I know that you will reward their service with your blessings. Help us all to follow their humble example and honor you with our lives.

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