Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Most Beautiful Temple

READ: 1 Kings 7-8

Solomon’s house was truly amazing. But the Temple was more glorious still. While reading about the fabulous details of the house of the Lord that Solomon built and all the gold and the beautiful intricacies of the place I thought to myself, wow, what an unbelievably magnificent structure.

Then I began to wonder. If that Temple was so resplendent, when I look at myself and the other Christians I know, whose bodies are now the Temple of the Lord, we certainly seem to pale in comparison. And I asked the question in my mind: if that Temple prefigured for us the future temple, why doesn’t this temple “look” better? Here’s my answer…for now.

Not only are the bodies of individual Christians a temple of the Holy Spirit, but the NT indicates that the Church collectively is a temple of the Lord (Eph 2:19-22). Could it be that, in the mind of God, the church is more glorious than the Temple of Solomon? Is it, that in God’s eyes, the congregation of the redeemed of every tribe and tongue and people and nation is the most glorious temple of all? I think, humbly, the answer is yes. And it is yes not because of inherent beauty in the members of the church themselves. Rather it is a derived beauty because the church is the product of the gracious plan of God and the perfect redemption of Christ. The church is glorious because He is glorious! Blessed be His name!

Prayer: Father, thank you that you have redeemed us as a people to yourself and you are fitting us together into a dwelling place for you. Thank you that your eternal plan is and always has been the church as exhibit number one of your glorious grace and mercy and love. Help us to love your church as you love your church.

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