Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Thanksgiving Thought

READ 2 Kings 5-6

I suppose the case could be made that the prophets of Israel in these passages would correspond to pastors in the church today. With that in mind, I was reminded this morning how much I have to be thankful for in God’s blessings and provision for me as a pastor.

Elisha has had several miracles occur in his ministry thus far in only 5 chapters. Four of these have to do with a miracle that happened in order to provide for the well-being of the prophets: the widow of a prophet and her jar of oil (4:1-7); the stew of the prophets is cured (4:38-41); the feeding of 100 prophets (4:42-44); and now the saving of the borrowed axe head of a prophet (6:1-7). What a picturesque miracle that last was. I love the older English version’s rendering “the iron did swim.” Elisha knew there would be a large debt for him if the ace head were not found.

In each case God is caring for his prophets through the ministry of their leader Elisha. Reflecting on that, I am reminded how God has cared for me as a pastor through all these years. He has provided, sometimes through miraculous timing, for the needs of my family all these years. How gracious the Lord has been to us. It is good to remember and be thankful.

But it is also good for those who read this who are not pastors. When we read passages like Matthew 6:25-34 we see that these promises of God’s care and provision are not made to pastors…alone…but to all Christians. One need not be a prophet for God to meet all his needs. Rejoice and be glad and give thanks to the Lord!

Prayer: Father, it’s fitting at this Thanksgiving Season to be reminded of all your benefits to me. You have loved me with an everlasting love and provided all the needs of my family. How gracious and merciful you are to us. Blessed be your holy name.

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