Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Onliness of God

READ Psalms 97-98

Psalm 97 paints an inspiring picture of God. He is declared in all his glory. It begins with a declaration of his sovereignty in v.1. Then vv. 2-6 God’s awesomeness is dramatically portrayed. Verse 7 stands alone to shout God’s holiness; he is the only God. Finally, vv. 8-9 speak of God’s righteousness.

Do you believe these revealed truths about God? Let’s take just one. To borrow from a true story from the 17th century, let me personalize it for you. Do you believe that God ruled the world quite well before you were born? Do you believe he will rule it quite well after you are gone? Then can you trust him to rule the world, including your life and affairs, while you are living? I think we all know the answer to that. But the question is do we live as if it is true.

The Psalm ends with an exhortation to God’s people to give thanks to him and to hate evil (10-12). If God is truly who this Psalm says he is, then his people ought to hate that which grieves him, i.e., sin. Can we honestly say that we hate sin or do we long for it? I believe that focusing on God and his sovereignty, holiness and righteousness will help us to hate sin in comparison to him.

Prayer: Father, you are awesome in every way. You alone are God and worthy of our worship and praise. Help us to worship you and be grateful to you all of our days. And Lord fill us with a divine hatred of the things that grieve your heart. Fill us with a longing for you and the delight we have in you. Help us to live in such a way that the world glorifies you.

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