Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Attended the Memorial

I went to a Memorial Service today at 10:00 a.m. It lasted two and a half hours. The place was packed, as you would imagine. The street outside was blocked off by barricades. Parking was a zoo. We memorialized a man who could really sing. He also was a man with a global vision who brought his world together. He transcended the boundaries of his own race and reached out to others of every origin.
No, it wasn't the one in LA. The one I attended was at First Baptist Church, San Francisco. We were there to remember the Pastor of that church who entered his "eternal weight of glory" on June 27, 2009. As the throng in LA gathered for two and a half hours to worship an idol, we gathered in the name of the true and living God, to worship Him as we remembered our beloved friend Phil "Zub" Busbee.
What an uplifting service it was. I sat and listened to speaker after speaker thank God for the gift of Zub to us and speak of how his heart beat with a love for the Lord and for the city of San Francisco. Even though he was a Texas boy, as one speaker said, he understood San Francisco and the "wounded city" that it is. He longed to see his church be salt and light in that darkness.
One classic story that shows the real man, was on a Sunday morning, when a pastor friend was having the inaugural service of his church in a new building a few blocks down the street from FBCSF. Phil led his whole congregation to walk down the street and invade the service to pray for this pastor and his church. That was my buddy Zub. There was not one ounce of pastoral competition or envy in his body.
I was blessed to know him. I will be blessed to see him again in heaven if the Lord grants that occurence. I pray that FBCSF will be the church that God wants it to be and that it will be shaped by the suffering of its pastor into a precious jewel of God's grace.


Mark said...

Good post. I remember talking to Phil on at least one occasion when I was in college. I remember being struck by his interest in the spread of the gospel and in missions--and in his uncommon humility to encourage a young college student like me.

Thanks for sharing about a man who truly deserves to be remebered. I also pray God will bless FBCSF and that Pastor Busbee's ministry there will continue to bear fruit for years to come.

Nancy N. Davis said...

Our mayor, Rosmary Aultman, (Clinton, MS)called me to read your interesting blogs.

We at Mississippi College are so proud of you and the Christian leadership you give to many in
California and around the world.

God bless you, Walter!

Nancy, MC National Alumni Pres.

J E Shelford said...

Walter - thank you for your faithfulness. Praying for you and look forward to seeing you in August.