Monday, July 20, 2009

Children's Ministry: A Mission Field

Children's workers, you are not serving kids only. You are ministering to their parents as well. Here's the testimony that was shared at the baptism of a young mom yesterday in our church:

"I grew up in a non-Christian home and lived my life as a slave to sin. I never talked about or thought about God and the importance of accepting him into my life. I married a man who came from a Christian home and I started to hear things about God, but I still continued just to shrug off the importance of the relationship I needed to have with him in my life. It really wasn’t until I had my children that I started to feel the need to know and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Once my daughter Hayley was old enough she started attending Sunday school classes and also Awanas. I feel that this was all a part of God’s plan to speak to me through my daughter because as I helped Hayley memorize her verses and work on her projects, God was reaching out to me, opening my eyes to what I was teaching my daughter, and opening my heart to let me know he is with me.

A few months ago I made the decision to come to church with my family and while sitting there during service I was overcome with this feeling and I knew that I was suppose to be there and that I needed to change the direction of my life. I found myself filled with this eagerness to learn I began asking many questions about God, Salvation and Eternal life. I was invited to join Moms group and during my first visit I met a Christian mom who asked me if I was a Christian, I told her no and as we talked more she asked if I would be interested in doing a Bible Study with her. I said yes and was very happy to have this opportunity to learn God’s word and to have someone help me since this was all new to me. The first night I went for Bible study Hayley asked me where I was going and when I told her I was going to Bible study she told me Mommy I hope you find Jesus and put him in your heart. That night I just knew that was my time for Salvation and with help from my Christian friend I prayed and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Since accepting Christ into my life I have found myself changing in ways that have been really good for myself and for my family. I am working towards being the sort of wife and mother that God wants me to be. I feel more positive in the things I am teaching my children because I now have the belief in it. I know that in good times and bad God is always with me. I feel truly blessed to have finally accepted Christ into my life and look forward to seeing what else God has planned for me."

Sunday School Teachers, VBS Workers, AWANA leaders, Choir Directors, YOU are part of God's kingdom plan to take the gospel to the nations. What a mission field!!!


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Thanks for sharing this testimony.

God bless!


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Wow. Powerful testimony. It makes me love the gospel and the church even more this morning. Thanks!