Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Grateful Wiser Man

While riding in my car a few minutes ago I was listening to @RickWarren remind us of the generational impact of Daniel standing for God. He pointed to the Wise Men as probable recipients of the grace of God through Daniel. I too am a recipient of the blessings handed down from Daniel's stand for God. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Daniel myself.

Then, again while riding, I remembered what day it is and the fact that I also owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to another who came between me and Daniel who also took a stand...Martin Luther (Google "here I stand Luther). So this short blog is to simply say thank you to Daniel and to Martin. If the Wise Men were spiritual descendants of the stand that Daniel took for God, I must admit that I am wiser today because of the stand Martin took. I am humbly aware of all those who have gone before me who have stood for God. Father, please grant me the grace to stand for you.

In celebration of the "stand" of Martin, i.e. The Reformation, this week I am reading another biography of Luther. This one is Metaxas. (Hope to get to Selderhuis soon.)

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