Saturday, September 5, 2015

God, make me stop...really?

READ Ezekiel 15-16

Be careful what you pray for. Have you, like me, ever prayed about a particular struggle with sin in your life and asked God to do whatever it takes to make you stop? Seems like a transparent and vulnerable prayer of deep honesty, doesn’t it. But I wonder if we really want to pray that way.

In our passage today Chapter 16 is one of the longest and most explicit chapters of the prophecy as it details God’s dealing with Judah like a faithless bride who has committed spiritual adultery through her sins. His kind husband like love turns to horrendous judgment. And in the midst of it God says, “And they shall burn your houses and execute judgments upon you in the sight of many women. I will make you stop playing the whore, and you shall also give payment no more.” (16:41) God’s way of making them stop their sin was a devastating consequence in their life.

Now I’m not necessarily suggesting that’s the way God deals with us all the time. But I wonder, if we thought it was, would we still pray that same prayer? Wouldn’t it be better for us to simply be obedient to the Lord and by his grace and power stop the sin ourselves. We can do it, you know. We can do all things through the One who strengthens us.

Prayer: Father, help us to walk in obedience before you. Help us to hear your Word and do what it says. Help us not to need your rod of correction. Thank you that your Spirit is present in us to enable us to live obediently before you. Help us to do it.

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