Friday, October 3, 2014

Beginning of Barley Harvest

READ 2 Samuel 21-22          

Twice in the OT the phrase “the beginning of barley harvest” occurs—here and in Ruth 1:22. It’s interesting how different these occasions are. For Ruth, who was returning to Bethlehem with a bitter Naomi, the beginning of barley harvest was a harbinger of the coming redemption of the Lord through Boaz. Here in 2 Samuel the 7 sons of Saul are given to the Gibeonites to atone for Saul’s sin against them. They were then put to death at the beginning of the barley harvest…hardly a time of great rejoicing for David and the people. But the reason for this was so that God would relent of the 3-year famine he had brought against Israel. So, in reality, both mentions of the barley harvest are indicators of times that God is about to turn the fortunes of His people for good.

Do you have a time like that in your life? Is there a particular time of year or a date in your life that brings to mind a particular moving of God in your life? Reminders of God’s mercy and grace are good things for us, whether it’s a place or a time. Let them be to us cause for worship of the God who works all things after the counsel of His will.

Father:  Thank you that you do not leave us in the depths of despair. Thank you that your mercy and grace come to us in the deep valley and bring us out of the depths to a new and fresh love and praise of you. Help us to remember all your faithfulness to us and humble ourselves in gratitude to you.

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