Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humble Worship

READ 2 Samuel 5-6

In chapter 6 Michal looks a lot like some church members today. She is turned off by David’s exuberance in worshipping the Lord and she makes her feelings very clear. You’ve seen this haven’t you? When someone around begins to be more exuberant than others and lifts their hands or claps loudly or even dances a little before the Lord, these “Michals” look on with disdain. The message is written all over them that this behavior ought to be stopped.

This reminds me of a definition of the word “fanatic” I heard once. A fanatic is anyone who loves the Lord more than I do. Recently I heard the rather extreme position given that lifting one’s hands in worship was the first step in becoming a charismatic. That’s almost laughable if it weren’t so sad. I certainly hope you’re not guilty of being one of these “Michals.”

What is your attitude in worship? Well, to answer what it ought to be we have to start with the truth that worship is first and foremost a matter of the heart. If one’s heart is truly worshipping the Lord then the outer actions are only an expression of that. And those outer actions won’t be the same for every person. So you and I, when we worship, ought to be focused on our own worship and not that of those around us. Resist the urge to judge someone’s heart and focus on what your own heart’s desire is. I wonder: are we like David willing to be contemptible and abased in the eyes of others as we make merry before the Lord (22)?

Prayer: Father, forgive the Pharisaical tendency in us to judge the hearts and motives of others. Help us to be so intent on worshipping you with all our heart, soul, mind and strength that we don’t have room left for looking down our spiritual noses at others. Help us to humble ourselves before you as we worship your holy name.

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