Sunday, December 25, 2011

WITH WARMTH AND JOY (A Love Poem to God for Janet)

Just as each year brings round this time
Of Christmas cheer and grace, so I’m
Reminded how You brought to me
Your gift of life eternally
But grace was not exhausted there
Awakened then was I to where
I came to see in sweet details
Your multi-faceted grace prevails
In every heartbeat, every ray
That gleams the glories of Your Way.

Oh, Thunderous Love and Awesome Might
Thou Flowing River of Delights
How wondrous does Your grace appear
And sweeps away the thin veneer
Of shallow songs and mindless love
That spring so easily above
From hearts not filled with proper awe
From blinded minds that never saw
With eyes of faith your grace displayed
In microscopic gifts conveyed.

Inadequate now as I may be
To adequately express my thanks to Thee
I’m struck by thoughts this twentieth year
Perhaps from me You’d like to hear
A true expression of grateful praise
For one who’s life has filled my days
With warmth and joy abundantly
A gift from You passed on to me
For 33 years so faithfully
With complementing clarity.

So where does one begin to list
Magnificence — lest some be missed
And how can grace be itemized
Though each example...treasured, prized
And where does one enough portray
A life of warmth and Love’s display
Of graceful opulence wrapped up
In one delightful precious cup
Of blessing given to warm my life
A gracious gift — my love, my wife.

From this dear gift I’ve learned so much
And watched as Your perfecting touch
Controls, transforms — Her pliant heart
Conforms to mine as much a part
Of all that You have made of me
And so much more than that is she
But still she loves and grows along
With one so slow, at times so wrong
Her smile still melts enchanting me
Her strength from You is strength to me.

One of my greatest joys with her
Comes each Christmas season sure
As I behold amazingly
How she transforms our home to be
A sanctuary of warmth and joy
That comforts husband, girls and boy(3)
Each decoration, each personal touch
Have mostly come as gifts and such
From special folks who love and care
That God has placed our family here.

My love creates a spirit warm
Our home reflects her heart and charm
She models for me that right response
To those she loves and knows that once
The time is gone to show her love
There’s no more chance for her to prove
That love comes easily for those who know
The grace of God must through us flow
And reach to all around us here
Who in our home can find God’s cheer.

Oh, God of grace and glory please
Grant to my life that I might seize
This opportunity to show
My love for You through her and know
That in my life there’s grace and care
That longs for Your abiding here
I hope and pray that You will sense
A sweet obedient reverence
That fills my heart with warmth for You
And glorifying praises, too.

Who could have known 33 times ago
Of how our lives would deeply grow
Through laughter, tears the years would bring
To all that You designed, oh King.
So deep within this gracious heart
A sacred song serenely starts
Erupting forth delicious praise
For Your great gift, this hymn I raise
With gratitude before You bow
And for my wife I thank You now.

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