Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Dare You, Hollywood

My wife and I and two of our adult daughters thought about going to a movie. In this case it was a new action movie with established stars that looked very interesting from the TV ads. One of our daughters found a review at this site. We learned that there is an enormous amount of profanity of the worst kind and some other stuff that we would prefer not being exposed to as entertainment.

It got me to thinking. At most of these movie theaters, when a first-run movie comes out, they use multiple screens. Why not try an experiment, Hollywood? Why not make a version of the movie without the profanity or sex or nudity or whatever? Then offer customers a choice. Watch the sanitized version or the original.

My suspicion is the one without all the filth would do better (perhaps I'm being overly optimistic). But suppose that were the case. Wouldn't you think Hollywood would want to know that? In their pursuit of the public's entertainment dollars, surely they would want to know what sells best.

Here's where my pessimism sets in. I really don't think Hollywood, as a whole, would want to know that the public prefers the cleaner versions. Because there is a large portion of the entertainment industry with an agenda, an agenda of degradation of culture, language and humanity.

Once again the Scripture is dead-on in its description of those who not only do these kinds of sins, but give hearty approval and encouragement to others to do the same.

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Dan said...

Pastor Walt, I looked you up and had to express my grief to someone who would understand. I know this doesn't relate to your last post.

I have been told that Rev. Phil Busbee has passed away. I loved that brother and respected his ministry and his life. He led and inspired me as a man and as a Christian musician. He was a true friend.

I am absolutely crushed by this news. He will be greatly missed. Thanks for letting me share.

Hope this finds you and your well. Dan B