Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sanctity Of Life

Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Hear these words from the heart and pen of a 10th grade student.

The Call of an Aborted Child…

by Kayla Sweeney

Can you hear my voice!?
In the wind a mere breath,
Not a name but a choice,
And I was chosen for death.
Growing and changing,
they said “its not yet alive,”
Forming light,
turned to night
In the womb I was inside.
No chance to see,
No chance to breathe,
No chance to take my heart and sing.
No chance to shout,
No chance to cry,
No chance to scream, to laugh, to sigh.
I merely had the chance to die,
not worth
the birth
or the life to buy.

Can you hear my voice?!
I’m Gods very own,
Before the coming of your choice,
I was still always known,
He knitted me,
and molded me,
and thought of me,
unfolded me, (Psalm 139)
knew in and out the whole of me,
Before the “accident” came to be.

Can you hear my voice?!
Who could I have been??
Without your choice,
If I had the chance to begin,
A Child,
A Student,
A sibling,
A Friend,
The messenger God chose to send,
More than just a breath in the wind.
A Teacher,
A preacher,
A soldier for Christ,
I guess we’ll never know…
You paid the price.

Can you hear my call!?!
I was life to be lived,
Instead killed, murdered, my future hid
I am life!
Do not remain blind,
From the beginning God kept me in his mind.


I’m shouting,
But it all fades in the distance,
In your mind you're still doubting,
my life or existence.

My scream can’t be heard,
I have no way to call,
My life has been blurred
from the start of it all…
I ask, can you hear me….
I guess you never will,
God brought life to me,
But you chose to kill.

I grieve for the 50,000,000 innocent unborn children in this country who have died since 1973. I am deeply fearful that, having elected a president who wishes to remove any and all restrictions on any kind of abortion, those numbers will grow exponentially in the future. But even if they don't grow, one is still too many.

I am grieved in my heart over the numbers of those who profess to be mature, serious Christians who say we should stop making such a big deal about abortion. When I know the Scripture teaches of God's creation of human life in the womb. When I remember that no society in history which has embraced infanticide has survived, I know that absent the miraculous grace of God in spiritual awakening this country's days are limited—a fate we will have brought on ourselves.

God forgive us. God have mercy on us.

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