Monday, December 22, 2008

A Blog Already!!!

Children are a blessing from the Lord. They are wonderful gifts from God for which we are deeply thankful. Okay, I got that out of the way. Sometimes they are N-A-G-S!!!!!
My kids won’t leave me alone about blogging. “Dad, you need to blog.” “Dad, I’m tired of seeing the same blog.” And on and on and on.

Then today one of them had the nerve to send me an article by Abraham Piper, entitled "6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog." Aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!

Alright, already! I agree with everything Abraham says. My problem is I just don’t think I have that much to say. One of my commitments when I got into blogging was avoiding the audacious arrogance of the notion that anyone cared what I had to say. Therefore, I wanted to stay firmly entrenched in the idea that I would only blog when I felt strongly about something or believed there was a need. And, as I have often said, the main purpose of my blogging is to encourage and build up the flock for which I am accountable.

I do think Abraham Piper makes a good point when he says that pastors need to write because it helps them think. That’s a given. But nowhere is it written, or even hinted, that we ought necessarily to publish everything we write.

Take it from me. You really shouldn’t care too much what I say. You should take everything I say as my opinion only. And where possible, you should weigh anything I say in light of God’s Word. That is the standard by which we must be measured in the truth of our words.

So, there!!! A blog already!!!! Now LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

(Of course, you know I love it when they ask me to blog. How great can God’s grace be to give me children who want to read what I have to say. I truly am blessed among men.)


Anonymous said...

Although it was a spiteful one, it was indeed a blog. Thank you:) I love you Dad! Who sent you that article?

walter said...

As we used to say back home, "A scalded dog always hollers."

Stephen Jones said...

You're a busy man and a good shepherd of your flock. On your long list of ministry commitments, I'm sure blogging isn't near the top. But hey, we do enjoy reading a new blog post from you every now and then! Merry Christmas!

walter said...

Thanks, Stephen. You probably figured out that the blog was a "subtle" way to get Abraham Piper's article read by a few more folks. It's really good.

Stephen Jones said...

Yes, that was a very good article. Thanks for linking to it.

bbruere said...


Very, very impressive site! Wave of the future indeed.

Don Fisher sent me here (he can tell you the whole story).

I will pass the link on to my Mom who's minister in Mt. Vernon, Ohio might like this idea.

I promise to be back. Oh - the blogging gives the human touch. WTG!

Betsy Barber
North Royalton, OH