Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Christmas State of Mind

(Philippians 2:5-8)

I marvel at the message of magnificence
In wonder I consider Christ the Lord
Who dwelt omnisciently
Unchanging deity
Became a man—in flesh was made the Word

Unequaled God existing in eternity
From age to age His gracious glory shone
Enthroned in heaven above
In triune perfect love
Immutable, perpetual as One

Breathtaking vision to Isaiah manifest
The lofty and exalted One revealed
As John inspired makes known
He saw eternal Son
The God of glory visibly unveiled

But as He dwelt unbound by time or circumstance
Omnipotent and Sovereign was He
This Mind that made all be
Displayed humility
And laid aside His privilege for me

He disregarded His divine equality
Invading time a servant He became
Of fragile flesh was made
Such condescending trade
His glory veiled, His deity retained

But this was not the limit of His lowliness
Incarnate presence was for Him a start
Descending further still
To do the Father's will
To death obeyed with single purposed heart

And so this One whose life is all the light of men
Descended to the depths of human pain
A spotless Seed was sown
The sins He bore my own
New life is mine and glory His again

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