Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thank God for Deacons…….REAL Deacons!

I am so blessed. As a pastor, it is very obvious that the job of doing everything that needs doing at a church is simply overwhelming. If one man, or even a few pastors on a staff, tried to do it all the work would never be accomplished.

That’s why I’m so thankful for deacons……real deacons! Not the type who only want to come to meetings and exercise authority and try to run things; or the type who only want the title but never have a notion to do anything. No, I’ve known a few of those types in my life. They’re not deacons at all. No, the Biblical word means servant. And when one encounters folks with the true heart of a deacon, whose desire is to serve God in anyway they can and who will always respond with a smile and sincerity, “Sure, pastor, we’ll take care of that. Don’t worry”……..well……to say it’s a blessing is a gross understatement.

I often am reminded of how blessed I am to have folks like that in our church. This week was just another reminder to me. I hesitate to name names for fear of omitting someone. They know who they are. Each deserves a special place in God’s kingdom for the selflessness and cheerful hearts of service they display. Our church would not be half as effective as we are without the countless hours these folks put in.

So, thank You, God, for giving us these wonderful servants. Thank you, deacons, for being the people of God you are. Your reward in heaven is great. (Just so you’ll know, the group includes some who don't have the official title, and, yes, there are some women. A deacon is made by God, not human voting.)

Be steadfast, ya’ll.

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